On-Campus Work-Study Student Requirements

Once you have your award letter see if it says "work-study" on it. If it does, you may participate in the Work Study Program. Download the On-Campus Federal Work-Study Contract, print it out, complete it and return it to the Office of Financial Aid. If your contract is incomplete it will be returned to you. So make sure both pages 1 and 2 have been signed by your supervisor.

Employment Forms

In addition to completing the Federal Work-Study Contract, if this is your first time working in Johnson C. Smith's Work-Study program, you must fill out and complete all of the forms below. If you have worked in the program before, make sure that the school still has all of these forms on file for you. Make sure that all forms reflect your permanent home address and not your JCSU school address.

In addition to those forms, the Financial Aid Office needs a copy of your birth certificate or Social Security Card, and a copy of your government-issued photo identification. We will not accept faxed copies.