Getting a Work Study Position

It is the student's responsibility to find a work-study position, however, the Office of Financial Aid can help you find groups within the program who are looking for student workers.

Freshmen will have an opportunity during New Freshmen Week to obtain a supervisor/job assignment! Remember, you must refer to the approved supervisor list on this website to choose a supervisor. Once the packet is completed & signed by your supervisor, all employment forms are completed & signed, and id copies are made and attached, kindly submit to the Financial Aid Office, which is located in Biddle Hall – Room 125.

Federal Work-Study Students Needed

A number of supervisors are looking for work-study students on-campus.

If you are interested in any of these positions, click here for the listing of approved supervisors. Only students that have work-study listed on their current award letter are eligible to look for work study opportunities. It is the student's responsibility to contact the supervisor to see if they have a job available for them.

If the supervisor you contact no longer needs students, continue to contact other supervisors until you are successfully placed. Your on-campus work study contract must be signed by the supervisor before submitting to the Financial Aid Office.

Work Study and Promissory Notes

Students who sign Federal Work-Study Promissory Notes are signing an agreement that they will apply some or all of their work-study money to pay their tuition. Students must earn the agreed upon amount before the end of the semester in order to obtain an exam permit.