Federal Work-Study

The Federal Work-Study Program allows students who need to earn money for college to work part-time for the the university and other local non-profit agencies. This program allows gives our financial aid counselors flexibility in awarding aid to students who need it the most and it allows the university to give our students "real-world" working in various university offices.

The program is open to all students who are determined to have a financial need, using a formula established by Congress that uses information provided to the school through the student's FAFSA. Once the Financial Aid Office determines that a student has met the qualifications for work-study (i.e. your award letter says "work-Study" on it), they can complete the On-Campus Federal Work-Study Contract, which provides students with the information needed to participate in the program. Once you find a work-study job that you would like to participate in and you are hired by a work-study supervisor, make sure to print out the Federal Work-Study Contract, fill it out, and have your supervisor sign it (pages 1 and 2). Return the completed form to the Financial Aid Office and your work-study job will begin.