, assistant director of University Communications and Marketing, provides input for marketing, advertising and brand management to ensure the University is communicating consistent identity and messages to internal and external audiences.

In addition to marketing the University as a whole, guidance is given for the strategy, planning, and creative direction of materials developed by individual divisions, departments, units, programs and initiatives.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Elevate awareness and increase positive perceptions of the University
  • Identify marketing strategies to enhance the University's image
  • Approve and monitor use of the University's brand, marks and likeness by all divisions, departments, programs and units.
  • Place advertisements in media including print, broadcast and digital outlets.

Marketing activities involve working within the University on concepts that will increase positive communication both internally and externally. This function plans, prioritizes, and schedules marketing work through set University priorities and procedures to support the UCM department's mission and help the University achieve its goals.