Giving Voice to the Northwest Corridor

During the summer of 2013, JCSU engaged community leaders in a conversation about the leadership of elected officials. The Northwest Corridor Indaba, in partnership with JCSU, conducted a special project called Giving Voice to the Northwest Corridor to better understand and influence effective political leadership and representation of the Northwest Corridor. 
Instead of candidates telling the citizens of what they think or will do, the project sought to: 

  • Determine what the community wants from its elected leadership 
  • Create a candidate job description and 
  • Provide each candidate with the information needed to determine if a particular political office is the job best matched. 

The ultimate goal is for residents to create the job descriptions for their elected officials. By doing so, members of the community will be able to recruit leaders and provide potential candidates. 

Residents of the Northwest Corridor came on campus in August for a half-day meeting to discuss results of the project, which included a citizen’s survey and discussions with political candidates about their views and platform proposals.