JCSU has captured a valuable research niche for our students.  As undergraduates, they gain the advantage of publishing as co-authors on peer-reviewed papers and conducting in-depth primary source research.  Through applied research experiences, our students become adept leaders who can use creative thinking to solve real world problems. 

Research Opportunities

Private funding and government grants boost university resources for research by our faculty and students.

Applied and other Research Initiatives

Students and faculty explore issues tied to the most pressing issues of our day including homeland security, small business development, globalization, minority health concerns and more.  We collaborate with institutes, universities, national labs and organizations that share our values and focus.

Action Research

JCSU students are trained to conduct on-the-spot community based research, to analyze neighborhood survey results and to monitor and report on policymakers and policy meetings at the local, civic, state, and national level. Action research also takes place in conjunction with the Center for Applied Leadership and Community Development.


The Office of Government Sponsored Programs and Research (GSPAR) maintains a web portal to allow faculty and staff to search for grant opportunities.

Our students also take part in small group, faculty mentored research projects and may receive paid internships for on-campus or world-wide exploratory studies.  Research methods courses, along with support in our computational modeling and simulations lab assure that each student is well prepared to solve problems and be a leader in graduate studies or the workplace of tomorrow.