Foundations Curriculum

The Foundations element of Johnson C. Smith’s Liberal Studies Program is just that: the structural foundation upon which a student’s education is constructed. The 24 credits of Foundations coursework, required of all students, provide the fundamental skills necessary to become critical thinkers, effective communicators, and life-long learners. Foundations course work covers effective communication in both speaking and writing (COM 130 and ENG 131), fundamental computing and information gathering skills (CSC 131), instruction in health and wellness (either HED 132, PED 131 or PED 136), mathematical reasoning (MTH 131/133 or higher level courses based on placement), foreign language instruction (two introductory language courses), and the Smith Seminar (SMS 100), designed to aid students in successfully transitioning to university life.

The University College Foundations Curriculum is housed in three departments: the Department of Rhetoric and Culture, the Department of Computation and Technology, and the Department of Leadership and Personal Development.

Rhetoric and Culture

The Department of Rhetoric and Culture administers ENG 131 Composition, BRC 135 Integrated Research and Bibliographic Methods, COM 130 Fundamentals of Speech, and a range of introductory language courses, including SPA 131  and SPA 132 (Elementary Spanish I and II), as well as introductory courses in French, German, Arabic, and Chinese.

Chair:  Dr. Carol Davenport
Phone: 704.378.1172

Computation and Technology

The Department of Computation and Technology administers CSC 131, Computers in Society, and introductory mathematics courses: MTH 131 College Algebra, and MTH 133 Survey of Practical Applications of Mathematics.

Chair: Dr. Vanessa Figgers
Phone: 704.378.1153

Leadership and Personal Development

The Department of Leadership and Personal Development oversees the health and wellness component of the Foundations Curriculum, including HED 132 Personal Health and Wellness, PED 131 Aerobic Fitness, and PED 136 Physical Activity Health and Wellness.  Additionally, the department oversees the SMS 100 Smith Seminar, a first year seminar that provides orientation to the university for new students and training in skills that will allow students to succeed academically.

Chair (interim): Dr. Shawn Miklaucic
Phone: 704.378.1270

Foundations Courses

Category Credit Hours Courses
Computers in Society 3 CSC 131
Health and Physical Education 3 HED 132 or PED 141 or PED 136
Mathematics 3 MTH 131, MTH 133, MTH 137, MTH 138, MTH 231 or MTH 232
Non-Native Language 6 ARA, CHI, FRE, GER, ITA, LAT or SPA
Smith Seminar 3 SMS 100
Rhetoric (both chourses) 6 COM 130 and ENG 131
Total Hours 24  

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