Resources to help students

Below is a list of companies providing aid to Americans during coronavirus. At the bottom are companies specifically helping students. 

Phone/Cable/Internet Providers


The cable, phone and media giant is suspending the termination of wireless, home phone or broadband service when customers can't pay their bills because of coronavirus disruptions. The company is also waiving related late fees. Like Comcast, AT&T is also providing free access to its public WiFi hot spots. The company also said its consumer home internet wireline customers and fixed wireless internet customers would receive unlimited data. More information »


Verizon said it is waiving late fees and suspending service termination for customers "negatively impacted by the global crisis." More information »


The mobile phone service provider is providing unlimited data to all current customers who have plans with data for the next 60 days. It will also provide additional data to mobile hotspot users. More information »

Charter Communications: 

The telecommunications company is providing free Spectrum broadband and Wi-Fi internet for the next 60 days to households with K-12 students or college students who don't already have a subscription. Like Comcast and AT&T, it's also offering its Wi-Fi hot spots for free to the public. More information »

Duke Energy: 

The utility is suspending disconnections for non-payment. "Customers should pay what they can to avoid building up a large balance that will be harder to pay off later," the company said. More information »

USA Today has an article about what internet companies are doing to help »

Car companies


The automaker is reviving its Hyundai Assurance Job Loss Protection Program to give owners "peace of mind in uncertain times" as the coronavirus outbreak leads to concerns that Americans will stop buying new cars and trucks. Hyundai said the program will provide up to six months of car payments to new buyers if they lose their jobs involuntarily. It will also provide 90 days of payment deferral on new purchases. More information »

Ford Motor: 

Ford is offering customers "potential delay of payments to provide relief." It's also providing new-car buyers the chance to delay their first payment by 90 days. More information »

Car rental companies


The rental car company is reducing the minimum age for renting a car to 18 through May 31 "to make it easier for students to get home to their families" due to the suspension of college courses. More Information »


Waiving surcharges for young drivers, though it hasn’t dropped the age cutoff from 21. Avis’ usual added fee for young drivers in most states is $27. The offer runs through April 30. More information »

Moving and storage


The storage company Offers 30 Days Free Self-Storage amid Coronavirus Outbreak. More information »

Insurance Providers

Many insurance providers are providing partial refunds because people are not driving during this period.