Credit/No Credit option

CREDIT/NO CREDIT Option for the Spring 2021 Semester

The Academic Affairs Executive Council, in consultation with the faculty, has decided that a CREDIT/NO CREDIT option will be available for all students for the Spring 2021 academic semester.

Students desiring to elect a course on a CREDIT/NO CREDIT basis must be currently enrolled in the course and must inform their instructor(s) in writing (and the instructor(s) should confirm the same in writing) if students desire to be graded with the CREDIT/NO CREDIT option. Students will need to submit their requests in their Canvas class via a standardized CREDIT/NO CREDIT assignment. The deadline for students to inform their instructors is Wednesday, April 29, at 5:00 pm. The exception for students who were enrolled in Spring Term I 2021 Evening and Online Program courses is that they must follow the same guidelines and must request the CREDIT/NO CREDIT option by Wednesday, March 24, at 5 p.m.

If a student fails to do so by the respective date, the student will be graded per the course syllabus. Once agreed upon by student and instructor, the choice may not be changed. Students choosing the CREDIT/NO CREDIT option can only receive one of two grades on their transcript: P (Credit) or NP (No Credit). Incompletes are not possible for students choosing the CREDIT/NO CREDIT option. 

Students should be aware of the potential impact of choosing this option as neither grade will affect a student’s grade point average. Students receiving CREDIT (P) for a class will be presumed to have met a level of learning for that class so that the course will satisfy as a prerequisite for any other course as noted in the catalog. For example, students completing SPA 131 with CREDIT will be permitted to take SPA 132.

Note: Some post-baccalaureate programs may not accept CREDIT/NO CREDIT grades. Students should carefully consider the implications of selecting CREDIT/NO CREDIT grades.

Students will still be held to the same level of rigor and remain accountable for the same learning outcomes, regardless of grading designation. However, the CREDIT/NO CREDIT option will allow students unable to perform at their highest level due to the continued disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic to avoid being overly concerned about this semester’s impact upon their grade point averages (GPAs).

Faculty should update their syllabi to include this grade option and the deadlines for requesting such a grade option.