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New Golden Bulls Settle into Life on Campus During Move the Herd

Darnell Wilson with his mom and dad

Charlotte, N.C./Aug. 15, 2022 – Campus was alive with excitement Friday as new Golden Bulls moved into their residence halls. 

Dozens of students and their families braved the heat and intermittent rain to settle into what will be their new homes for the next year. 

Darnell Wilson, who traveled with his parents all the way from Jacksonville, Fla., is excited to get started learning more about Sport Management in the classroom. 

“I’m ready,” he said, “And I know my parents are happy for me.” 

His mom, Shireeka Foster, said that her son is one of seven children she’s raised, so she’s accustomed to her children moving out of the home and onto opportunities of their own. 

His dad, Ronald Foster, said he couldn’t be prouder. 

“I’m proud that he’s coming out here to do something positive,” he said. “It feels good to me because it’s something I didn’t do; I didn’t go to college.” 

Mekhi Archer, a Business Management major, isn’t the first in his family to attend JCSU. His aunt was influential in his decision. A recent graduate, she often shared her experience with him. 

Archer’s mother, Tajah McGee, said she is most excited to see the young man he will grow to be over the next several years. 

His dad, Michael Archer, said his son has already surpassed him in his education. 

“I had him at a young age,” he said. “I dropped out, but he graduated high school. I’m probably more excited than he is because he’s definitely changing the cycle.” 

Thankfully, Mekhi had the help of not only his parents but also his four little sisters, proving that many hands make light work. 

As freshmen like Darnell and Mekhi continue to settle into their residence halls, their upperclassmen counterparts will head back throughout the weekend to join them. Each and every Golden Bull has a bright year ahead of them, and will officially begin classes on Monday, Aug. 15.

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