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McNair Scholars complete summer fellowship program

Group photo of McNair Scholars

CHARLOTTE, N.C., July 12, 2019 – Students enrolled in the McNair Scholars Summer Program presented research to faculty, mentors and staff during a symposium. The six-week summer program couples students with a faculty mentor as they engage in research based on their academic discipline. 

Tellissah Roseboro, who knows she wants a career in education, said this program helped shape her career path.

“This project kind of centered my career goals. I kind of want to go into educational psychology now.”

Dr. Jonathan Smalls, Director of Johnson C. Smith University’s McNair Scholars program, says this hands-on experience prepares his students for graduate school. 

“We try to make sure that we give them transferrable research skills. Particularly when it comes to research writing,” said Smalls. “Making sure they’re prepared for the rigor of graduate school in terms of interacting with other scholars.”

Roseboro adds the McNair program has exposed her to a new level of education. 

“This was kind of like another stepping stone of me getting into graduate school and getting my doctorate,” she explained.

Students also presented their research at the 25thannual SAEOPP conference in Atlanta last week.

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