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JCSU Alumni raise more than one million dollars two consecutive years

Johnson C. Smith University alumni have an undying love for the University. They continue to give back through time, treasure and talent. For the second consecutive year, alumni contributed more than one million dollars for university programs and student scholars. These contributions equaled one quarter of the Division of Institutional Advancement gifts for fiscal year 2021.   

Tami B. Simmons, vice president of Institutional Advancement is thrilled to have a loyal alumni base that supports their University. “Let me first thank the outstanding JCSU alumni who continue to support their alma mater year after year. Our alumni are one the most important constituents. They are impactful advocates, marketers, champions, and sponsors of the University. They truly are an extension of everything we do to promote and sustain Johnson C. Smith University,” she said.  

Wanda Foy-Burroughs ’73, director of Alumni Relations, is excited about this wonderful milestone. “This accomplishment makes me very proud of our dedicated alumni and the hard work that happens in the Office of Alumni Relations, along with the support from Institutional Advancement,” she said.  

When the COVID-19 outbreak turned into a pandemic in 2020, alumni opened their hearts and wrapped their arms around their beloved University. Several of them established scholarships to help students continue their dream of becoming college graduates; they met with students virtually to mentor and offer career advice, and some participated in student recruitment activities. No matter where they are, alumni continue to answer the call.  

Ron Matthews ’78, former president of the JCSU National Alumni Association, is excited about the overwhelming support of alumni. “Alumni realize the importance of donating to the university.  With the pandemic affecting so many families, our financial support means even more.  We still have a lot of work to do to increase alumni participation,” he stated. 

Statically, JCSU graduates' involvement with the institution is well above average. JCSU’s alumni participation rate is at 14 percent. That’s six percentage points higher than the national average. Alumni Relations' goal is to increase JCSU's number at least three percent by the end of fiscal year 2022.  

Alumni should consider making a gift to Johnson C. Smith University to show appreciation for the education that JCSU provided them. It is a way of saying thank you, while supporting our next generation of students,” said Burroughs. “Alumni donations go toward research, scholarships and facility upgrades. More importantly, donations help increase the profile of our illustrious University.”  

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