How do I choose a major?

Deciding on a major can be a difficult and stressful process. JCSU can help. Our advisors will guide you through the process of choosing the major that’s right for you.  

Major Programs

We offer 23 Majors, One Master’s Program, and 5 online degrees. 

What resources are available to help me decide?

Being part of the JCSU family means you aren’t going it alone. We offer the structure and support you need to help you make the decisions that are right for you.

One-on-one advising

If you are unsure or undecided about a major, we’ll ask you to write down specific interests or career paths that you want to learn more about on your application for admission. Then we’ll connect you with a faculty member with the background or expertise in the specific topic or career you listed. That professor will be your advisor and will help you decide on a major that fits your life and career goals.

Liberal arts curriculum

At our core, JCSU is a liberal arts university. Our students are exposed to many diverse topics and subjects as part of their broad-based education. As you work through history, math, science, English and the other required coursework, you’ll gain a much better idea of what does or doesn’t interest you as a field of study or future career.

Spiritual Life Center

The Spiritual Life Center (SLC) doesn’t just help students strengthen their spiritual base. It also provides mentoring services for our students when they feel they may have gotten off track and need emotional support. Whenever you may need it, we’re here to help.

The Biddle Institute

If you have no idea what you want to study and don’t write anything on your application to indicate areas of interest, you will be actively advised and supported by the Biddle Institute. The Biddle Institute offers the guidance you need to begin your general education at JCSU and find the major and career path that’s right for you.

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