Net Price Calculator

Everyone knows that higher education is major investment. But there are ways to keep the cost down - like applying for scholarships.

This page can help you learn if you qualify for federal Pell grants, which are based on financial need. JCSU also provides the opportunity for students with a good academic record to apply for merit aid.

The form below only gives estimations, however. For an exact amount, please contact JCSU's Office of Admissions, where knowledgeable counselors can help you through the application process.

This is the amount you estimate you can contribute yourself: your ability to pay. This number is calculated from the federal NASFA form, but you can guess if you haven't filled it out yet.

Your Information:

Net price of attendance

The net price of attendance is the cost of education minus any grants in financial aid.

This form will give you a rough idea of what the net price is after taking into consideration federal Pell grants and JCSU merit scholarships.

Other scholarships, such as state or private grants would lower the net price further.

The information on this page is maintained by the Financial Aid Department. For more information or questions please contact them directly at 704.378.1035.