First Year Experience

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Designed to connect first-year students to the University, The University College provides a wrap-around, holistic experience that offers a broad grouping of inclusive educational opportunities, services and supports for student engagement and success. The First-Year Experience division fosters students’ transition to the University.

The FYE division coordinates orientation and retention programming along with encouraging community and family engagement for first year students during their transition.

FYE introduces freshmen to a variety of academic supports designed to help them reach their full potential within a higher learning environment. While orientation programs serve students who are entering the institution, the academic support and professional development program target all students at the university


The FYE provides students and their families a comprehensive, high- quality on boarding experience to university life and academic achievement services.

Goals and Objectives:

Parent and Family Engagement

Academic Center for Excellence (ACE)

Student Support Services (SSS)

Students with Disabilities

Math Lab

The Writing Studio

Nationally Competitive Scholarships and Fellowships (NCSF)

Upward Bound

Academic Advising 

Tutorial Services 



Family Support 

Events and Activities

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