Designed to connect first-year students to the University, the University College provides wrap-around, holistic experiences that offer broad groupings of inclusive educational opportunities, services and supports for student engagement and success. The college houses four divisions: First-Year Experience, Biddle Institute, Center for Metacognitive Variables Research, and Foundations Curriculum. Each division exist to foster and fulfill the mission of Johnson C. Smith University. 

  • First-Year Experience: to provide students and their families a comprehensive, high-quality onboarding to university life and academic achievement services.
  • Biddle Institute: to coordinate and deliver intrusive support services to students who enter the University via strengths-based programs.
  • Foundations Curriculum: to develop students’ skills as critical thinkers, cogent writers, competent speakers, career-minded professionals and ethical leaders.
  • Center for Metacognitive Study: to examine the utility of non-cognitive and metacognitive factors in predicting college performance, retention, and persistence to graduation.

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