University College

Our mission is to provide a high-quality first-year experience that facilitates successful student transition to a degree program and promotes student development as life-long learners and global leaders.

Foundations Curriculum

The Foundations element of Johnson C. Smith’s Liberal Studies Program is just that: the structural foundation upon which a student’s education is constructed.

About us

The University College provides wrap-around, holistic experiences that offer broad groupings of inclusive educational opportunities, services and supports for student engagement and success. 

First Year Experience

To provide students and their families a comprehensive on-boarding to University life and academic achievement services.

Biddle Institute

A division of the University College, the Biddle Institute exists to preserve Johnson C. Smith University’s commitment to open access to educational opportunity.

Center for Metacognitive Study

The Center for the study of Metacognitive Variables functions as a research center and think tank within Johnson C. Smith’s University College.