College of Business and Professional Studies

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Welcome to the College of Business and Professional Studies

Business Administration

The business environment is constantly changing. At JCSU you’ll learn about management, economics, marketing and all the other skills you’ll need to become an industry leader.

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Crime doesn't have an address. Every city, every county and every state needs dedicated individuals who care about keeping their communities safe. If you want to join the fight for law and order, JCSU can set you on the right path with a solid foundation in the criminal justice system.

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Public Health

Want to lead a long, full and healthy life? Interested in helping others to do so? By studying health education, you'll gain the tools and knowledge to better your life and the lives of those you work with.

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Sport Management

Many of us love sports, but not everyone can go pro. For those who still want to be involved in the game, a career behind the scenes may be equally as rewarding.

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