Our Majors

JCSU offers a number of degree options for undergraduates and one graduate degree. Students earn their degree through one of our three colleges – the College of Liberal Arts, the College of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and the College of Business and Professional Studies.

College of Liberal Arts

Communication Arts

Whether you're verbally or visually creative, our communication arts program will give you the skills to express yourself to the world.

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The music business is an exciting and inspiring industry. Whether you want to be in the spotlight making music or behind the scenes influencing music, we can help you tap into your talent.

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Political Science

Whether you are interested in American politics, global humanitarianism or a law degree, the political science program at JCSU can be your first step.

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College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)


Biologists study the life forms all around us. As a major in our program you'll be able to work with just about any life form — from humans and animals to plants and parasites.

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Chemistry explains the phenomena that occur in nature every day. When you study chemistry, you'll learn everything from how household cleaners work, to how nuclear energy is created.

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Computer Engineering

From building robots to designing control software, computer engineers lead exciting careers. Our computing engineering program prepares students to jump into this high-demand field.

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Computer Science/Information Systems

Computers are a critical part of our everyday lives. Students who study computer science and information systems learn the various programming languages to make them competitive in the job market.

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Information Systems Engineering

Technology is everywhere. Creating and managing the data, software and hardware that power the devices we use daily are what students in our information systems engineering program become experts at.

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We all use math - even if you don't realize it. From music composition to fashion design to agriculture, math can be applied to real-world situations to answer almost any question. Students in our program build a solid foundation in the various ways to use math and can go into virtually any industry they like.

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College of Business and Professional Studies


Business Administration

The business environment is constantly changing. At JCSU you’ll learn about management, economics, marketing and all the other skills you’ll need to become an industry leader.

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Crime doesn't have an address. Every city, every county and every state needs dedicated individuals who care about keeping their communities safe. If you want to join the fight for law and order, JCSU can set you on the right path with a solid foundation in the criminal justice system.

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Public Health

Want to lead a long, full and healthy life? Interested in helping others to do so? By studying health education, you'll gain the tools and knowledge to better your life and the lives of those you work with.

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Do you want to know what makes us tick? Psychology studies the inner workings of the mind. In our psychology program, you'll learn about the delicate relationship between the human brain and the behavior it produces.

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Bachelor of Social Work

Do you want to make the world a better place for those in need? Social workers provide hope and human necessities to those who need it most. In our nationally accredited program, you'll be able to make a change in your community, serving the elderly, families and children.

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Sport Management

Many of us love sports, but not everyone can go pro. For those who still want to be involved in the game, a career behind the scenes may be equally as rewarding.

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Interdisciplinary Studies

If your interests don't fit into a “standard” major, we can help you follow your heart by combining two or three programs that will help you achieve your goals.

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School of Social Work


Lactation Consultant Training Program

 JCSU offers a comprehensive Pathway 2 Lactation Consultation Training Program administered through the College of Business and Professional Studies. 

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